Dax Price

Strategic career management for professional footballers

Dax Price specialises in strategic career management for professional footballers. He is an experienced intermediary with special expertise in club sourcing and contract negotiation.

His role in Select Soccer Management is to negotiate the best possible contractual agreements for players, while helping to resolve any off-the-field issues which could act as distractions from the game.

Over fifteen years in the football industry, Dax has made lasting connections with some of the top Premier League players and managers, and has worked alongside most of the clubs in the football league.

Dax believes that lasting personal relationships with his clients are the key to their career success. He also takes pride in his personal approach to business: weekly face-to-face meetings with clubs help him stay aware of new opportunities for his players, be they transfers or new signings.

Founding Select Soccer Management with Lee Cook and Damien Zannetou was a logical move for Dax. His usual practice is to be available for clients whatever the time of day or night, and this attitude sits perfectly with the agency’s mission to offer its clients a total career management service.

Together with the wealth of exclusive banking, investment, insurance and promotional opportunities the agency provides, Dax’s expert advice is part of a package designed to help professional footballers unleash their full potential.