Lee Cook

A professional footballer for over 17 years

Lee Cook lived and breathed the life of a professional footballer for over 17 years. Having only recently retired from the game, he has a privileged insight into the challenges faced by his clients, and into their needs.

His role in Select Soccer Management is extensive, but he especially enjoys acting as scout and mentor for up-and-coming football talent.

A talented wide player, Lee made his debut as a teenager under the former England manager Graham Taylor. He went on to a distinguished career playing at home and abroad, both in the premiership and championship divisions, under the direction of some of England’s best managers and coaches.

His past clubs include Watford, Leyton Orient, Queens Park Rangers, Fulham, and Charlton. Just before retiring, he won the national league with Barnet FC, where his “terrific form” was credited with gaining the club promotion back to the Football League.

Not only is he admired for his performance on the field, Lee has made lasting friendships in every club he played for. These contacts are now a priceless resource for his clients at Select.

Having started his football career so young, Lee can offer a unique perspective on every aspect of career development, including:

  • Contract negotiations
  • Release clauses
  • Sponsorship deals
  • Boot and clothing deals
  • Finding the right coaching
  • Transfers
  • Stress management

Lee’s experience is a crucial element in the comprehensive service enjoyed by the agency’s clients. Together with co-founders Damien Zannetou and Dax Price, his vision underpins the unique range of opportunities available through Select Soccer Management.