Personalised, exclusive service for professional footballers

Strategic Career Development

At Select Soccer Management, we offer our clients a genuinely comprehensive management solution. While many of our initiatives are aimed at life away from the pitch, this is always in the service of enabling footballers to concentrate on what’s most important: their game.

Our strategic career development service is built on our commitment to maintaining close relationships with our clients. Members of the Select team are available on a 24-hour basis to ease concerns and make life run smoothly. We believe this is the best way to nurture the wellbeing of each individual player.

Outstanding Advice Always Close at Hand

Of course, our links with senior partners in award-winning London firms ensure that outstanding legal, accountancy, banking, insurance, investment, wealth management, commercial and media relations advice is always close at hand.

  • Contract Negotiation

    Contracts are the keystone of your career. Our experienced intermediaries are on standby to negotiate the best possible terms.

  • Sourcing Clubs

    The perfect opportunity for the young player isn’t necessarily right for the more experienced professional. Extensive contacts with clubs and talent scouts enable us to broker the right deals with the right clubs, at the right time.

  • Sponsorships & Endorsements

    Benefit from our close links with premium clothing, watch design, and grooming & wellness influencers by gaining access to unique products, or by developing your own branded range.

  • Private Banking

    Allow us to introduce you to our private banking partners. Complete with a range of benefits such as the exclusive black card, private banking gives you superior financial control and flexibility.

  • Wealth Management

    It’s never too early (or too late) to develop your personalised wealth management plan. Our associates are perfectly placed to understand your goals and give you free, independent advice.

  • Investment Planning

    We arrange privileged access to a team of trusted experts, and give you the chance to build a valuable, property-centred investment portfolio based on exclusive products.

  • Accountancy & Audit

    With an emphasis on client relationships, a proactive philosophy, and a highly professional approach, the sole aim of our award-winning accountancy partners is to bring you financial stability and security.

  • Legal Advice

    We’re closely allied with one of the UK’s premier sports law companies. Take advantage of their excellent customer service and superlative advice on every matter relevant to the legal aspects of sport.

  • Publicity & Media

    With first-hand experience of the advantages and complexities of media exposure, the team at Select have extensive contacts throughout the world of publicity and marketing. Our associates are always available to help you manage and profit from your public image.

  • Insurance

    As a professional sportsman, you can find it difficult or expensive to get the insurance cover you require. From insurance against career-ending injuries to home, car and travel policies, our specialist insurance advisers can meet your needs on especially favourable terms.

  • 24-Hour Concierge

    Designed to help you make the most of your life away from the pitch, our exclusive concierge service brings the world to you. Call your concierge on their personal mobile phone to make dinner reservations, book airline tickets, or help you with whatever the moment dictates.