24-Hour Concierge

Our clients lead exceptionally busy lives

Personal Concierge

As professional sportsmen, our clients lead exceptionally busy lives. At Select Soccer Management it’s our pleasure to help them concentrate on football, while simplifying their off-the-pitch world. Our exclusive personal concierge service is an essential part of this seamless approach.

24 Hour Lifestyle Management

When you sign with Select Soccer Management, you’ll be assigned your very own personal lifestyle manager, who is available 24 hours a day by phone, email or direct message.

Because you’ll deal directly with your dedicated personal concierge, they’ll quickly grow to know and understand your preferences. Very soon you’ll find that your concierge is even able to anticipate many of your needs.

Make the Most of Your Precious Time

Your personal concierge can help you make the most of your precious free time by taking care of any task you’d like to delegate. This can be something as structured as finding a suitable destination for a weekend break, or as open-ended as tracking down a private chef.

All you need to do is give your concierge a rough idea of your requirements, and they’ll come back to you with a range of choices. Unsurprisingly, our clients find that Select’s personal concierge service adds real value to their professional and personal lives.

Solve Any Problem, Find Any Product or Service

Typically, clients use their personal concierge to save time with:

  • Planning and hosting dinner parties
  • Theatre bookings and nightclub entrance
  • Interior design
  • Getting access to those hard-to-book restaurant tables and sold-out events
  • Home and vehicle maintenance
  • Travel planning
  • Buying gifts and flowers
  • Moving home
  • Arranging private dining
  • Obtaining VIP access to exclusive performances, events and hospitality

But in reality you can ask your concierge to solve any pressing problem, or source any kind of product or service. You’ll find that Select’s hand-picked concierges are better acquainted than most locals with the sought-after destinations in London, other UK cities, and many international locations.