Publicity & Media

We have a long experience of publicity and media relations

Publicity and Media

As professional footballers all over the world have demonstrated, your public image and personal brand are your greatest assets. Select Soccer Management has long experience of publicity and media relations, which enables our team to offer you the kind of exposure best suited to your career and personal situation.

Managing Publicity in the 21st Century

The US television series Mad Men harked back to a golden era of advertising, where publicity was a top-down business dominated by TV and print media. Those days are long gone.

Publicity in the 21st century is a multi-channel endeavour, and involves reaching out to contacts across every one of them. Select Soccer Management has those contacts, in the UK and beyond.

Enhance Earnings and Public Profile

We can help you enhance your earnings and public profile through:

  • Social media
  • Traditional broadcast media
  • News media, both online and in print
  • Web-based media (blogs, online video and beyond)
  • Public relations exercises
  • Product and clothing endorsements, and sponsorship
  • Publishing deals
  • Traditional advertising
  • TV and film appearances
  • And more

Damage Limitation and Privacy

Of course, there may be times when you’d prefer to stay out of the public eye entirely. At those times, the team at Select Soccer Management will use their media know-how to protect your privacy. We also offer a proactive approach to solving problems across all kinds of media.