Sponsorships & Endorsements

The right product endorsements and sponsorship deals

Sponsorship and Product Endorsement Opportunities

The right product endorsements and sponsorship deals are the perfect way of adding value to your career and enhancing your personal brand. That’s why Select Soccer Management has negotiated preferential status with a number of prestigious clothing, grooming and watchmaking brands.

New Balance

New Balance’s designs and technical innovations have challenged the conventions of the sportswear industry for over 100 years. With the aim of helping professional athletes achieve excellence—while still prioritising fashion and style—New Balance is the perfect partner for our high-performing clients.

Money Clothing & Company

Since its establishment in 2003, neither hip hop stars nor the fashion cognoscenti have been able to resist the appeal of Money Clothing. This witty, swashbuckling range of menswear is available through Money’s own London store, and in respected outlets such as Harvey Nichols.

Through our relationship with the company, Select’s clients now have the opportunity to become brand ambassadors for this creative, free-thinking range.

Aenea Skincare & Grooming

Aenea skincare and grooming is a luxury range designed exclusively for the image-conscious customer who demands the highest ethical standards. These award-winning PETA-approved products are backed by cutting-edge scientific research and driven by a deep understanding of grooming trends.

The expertise of Aenea’s research and development team is available to clients of Select Soccer Management seeking to endorse their own range. Once the range is complete, the company’s dynamic sales and marketing team will place the products in the most appropriate outlets, including major high street retailers.