Wealth Management

Free, independent advice from our partners Mulberry Bow

Wealth Management

Clients of Select Soccer Management are entitled to free, independent advice from our partners Mulberry Bow, an exclusive wealth management company based in central London. Utterly impartial and operating on a recommendation-only basis, Mulberry Bow specialises in enhancing the finances of high-achieving people.

Simon Bullock, Partner at Mulberry Bow

It’s our pleasure to work closely with Simon Bullock, a partner in the company, and a wealth manager with 18 years’ experience. Simon’s career began with Chase de Vere in 1997, after gaining an MA from Bristol Business School. Before joining Mulberry Bow, he worked for Schroders, and led the London wealth structuring team at Barclays Private Bank.

As a chartered financial planner, Simon specialises in consulting with clients as equals. His approach begins with understanding your situation, then discovering exactly what matters to you, and why. Once this has been established he’ll recommend a suite of products and services designed to meet your needs.

Typically, the consultation process covers factors such as:

  • Working out exactly what you want from your money, and discovering which financial issues cause you the most anxiety.
  • Putting a figure on the amount of money you need to live comfortably now and in the future, then taking steps to achieve these earnings from capital.
  • Deciding how simple (or complicated) you’d like your financial affairs to be, and how much risk you’re comfortable taking.
  • Ensuring the ongoing security of your family and dependants.
  • Protecting your legacy by planning your estate, which is something even high net worth individuals often neglect.
  • Cash flow modelling to give you the peace of mind to spend more, in the knowledge that your capital is protected and your financial commitments are met.

Upon joining Select Soccer Management, our clients effectively appoint Simon Bullock as their personal finance director. However sophisticated or simple your financial needs may be, his expertise is the first step towards financial empowerment.